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17 September 2012

Opening the show room in Montreal, Canada

Our team

03 March 2013

The Best Design Concept SNC-Lavalin

of SJHA-Kids Hospital

-GALAXY DECOR with Alex Dymov (DA) has turned our house to a one of a kind place. 
Their unique textured design technology created a gorgeous look in the living room. It's is truly
a new and fast growing trend in Home Decor.
Last but not least, ​the stone imitation as the Interior Decor market niche of Galaxy Decor
​is much more affordable than natural materials
like marble, granite, etc.

-Fernando, Professional badminton coach, Toronto

-GALAXY DÉCOR does beautiful work, 
​and is quite meticulous, and artistic with original flair. Besides you can't meet a nicer or more honest team.  Very satisfied customer. 
-Fadia Raffi, ROYAL LePAGE, Real Estate agent, Montreal

-I like what DA is doing. Great concept and work.   -Carmelo Blandino, famous Canadian artist, Naples Florida, U.S.A.

-DA and his team did an excellent job

on my new house. They used 3 different technics and created an art work on the walls, ceilings and columns. Everyone that enters our new house admires the work done by Galaxy Decor   -Dhafir, IT Engineer, Montreal

-Congratulations on opening Galaxy Decor 

first show room. I wish DA the absolute best 

of luck!   -Sincerely, Meghan Carter, renown american interior designer, Ohio, U.S.A.

Come in!

08 November 2013

Opening the office in the middle of Europe, St. Petersburg 

  • Painting & Exclusive Textured Design
  • Design Planning & Consulting 
  • Corporate Logos
  • Murals 
  • Framed Art Works

10 April 2015

We are proud to announce that we are joining forces with industry leader​ Galaxy Group

Painting is our main service. But not the only one. We invented the NEW method of GREEN stone imitation which is more affordable ​and more beautiful than natural stone.

Galaxy Decor philosophy is based on creation a bridge between Beauty, Nature & Home. Our dream is to make walls look even more Beautiful than Natural Stone.

Every time you think BEAUTY ​of Your Home or Office: think Galaxy Decor unforgettable designs! Graceful styling, long a favorite among architects and homeowners make our designs a popular choice.
Have you ever dreamed of living in a beautiful and stylishly decorated home? ​Or perhaps you simply wish for a cozy and warm atmosphere in your apartment, office, restaurant, club? 
​Our team of highly experienced home decorators can make your wish come true.
Our expertise is Home Improvement - Interior Design - Wall Decoration - Faux Full Finishing...

​Last but not least: Why you should think of our Exclusive Designs? Because of the "DA Lights & Shadows" Life Warranty...

By the way, Lights and Shadows are the magic players of our team.

              Galaxy Decor

                                                              interior design solutions with conCeptual ideas of DA 


Exclusive Interior Decoration   

ANYTHING related to
is over here! We started in 2002 being granted by La Fondation du maire de Montréal pour ​la jeunesse.        
​Today GALAXY DÉCOR with DA as a conceptual interior designer, award winning artist is a leading Canadian company.
Please welcome one of our best
Canadian, Ontario & European interior design projects.

Prestige Design for You!