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McGill University Musical Department, Lobby, Rue Sherbrooke, Montreal, Canada. Visualisation
The Best Design Concept. Galaxy Décor Textured Design was recognized by Architects firm MSDL as the best 5000 sq. f. solution for the development SNC-Lavalin of SJHA (Ste. Justine 
​Hospital Atrium). As the alternative to venetian plaster with local brand BEHR and Italian OIKOS our team of experts has offered the implementation of Textured Design. Eco sustainable OIKOS paint which is available in Europe, and we are trained for its installation would be used ​as the final finishing. The best environmentally-friendly venetian plaster though would be OIKOS Raffaello Décor Stuco. We recommended special ​reinforcement panels like Nostalgia with Life Warranty on all project (foto # 4). Visualisation

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