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Feathers are symbols of freedom, truth, and wisdom. They can be used to symbolize the transition from one life to another. The feather meaning is also associated with spirituality, guidance, transformation, powerlessness, or vulnerability. Other people associate feathers with lightness and buoyancy because they are often seen floating on water. The feather is a recurring motif in many cultures around the world including Native American tribes like the Hopi who believe that feathers represent their link between heaven and earth; for some Pacific Islanders, they represent rainbows connecting the sky-world with our Earth-world; while others attribute them as symbols of love, peace or hope. For me it's just a neutral subject in art...but if you touch it with your soul & Swarovski crystals, it becomes a MAGIC FEATHER...

You can order the art pieces for Saint Valentine's Day, Birthdays,all types of celebrations. ​The artworks might have a special writing and signed for you!

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