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The PRESENT in Ontario, Canada..."the country of 1000 lakes", between 3 ocean!
My PAST in Navy 1987-1989. Sevastopol-Feodosyia-Balaklava-The Crimean Peninsula​-Black Sea

​​On this page there are just few painting presented (30"x40", mixed medium on canvas). Many others are about to come in FUTURE.
Why I do this project?  There are at least 8 reasons:
- The origin of life is ocean
- Human body contains 60% of water
- The life on the Earth comparing ​to other planets is based on the fact of H2O existence
- I was born in July, I am a cancer, so this environment is natural for me
- My childhood was under impression of Aivazovsky, widely considered as the greatest seascape painters of all times
​- 1987-1989 I had a unique chance to serve a submarine in Black Sea seeing all sea beauty from and...under water 
- I love the sound and the look of the ocean waves. I guess the impact of viewing the ocean waves is very strong on our mental, health system
- Water is an unique chemical element with unexplainable physical characteristics I am sure, you might add something to at least touch the mystical world of WATER.