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​We represent Mrs. Venera Kochobashvili in Ontario, Canada. 

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Venera Kochobashvili

  Venera Kochobashvili  was born in Tbilisi, Republic of  Georgia. From an early age she showed interest in art. (1972-1976) she studied
at  J. Nikoladze Institute. Venera then graduated with Masters degree  in fine arts, from Tbilisi, Ilia state university  (1985-1991) . In 1992 Venera emigrated to Israel, lived in Sanur, in the artists village. For a young artist  it was a great opportunity and experience to have a several solo and group  exhibitions with  such great  artists as the likes of Aharon April, Yoseph Kapelyan, Dmitry  Baranovsky, Eduard Grossman, Gela Abashidze  and many other great and famous artists. Venera  predominantly works in the medium of oil painting on canvas 

The power of colour, absorbed from impressionists  was applied by Venera for a task of an artwork improvement, it was transformed and was established in its individual style, characterized by composition with live dramatics, audacity of the mastered art-piece.The quality of Art. Her landscapes range from bold surreal scenery  to a fine brush stroke that captures a very  delicate floral bloom. There's a fantasy to her work that seems to transport the viewer into a fairytale world. They are provocative of the ideal and they embrace the abstract

and a quality element captured only in her unique quality and professionalism. 

As of  2001 Venera now permanently  lives  and works  in the Montreal area. She was theaching fine art at the private school ''Litcey'' in Montreal. At several art studios she was painting on the parchment by water-collar and  acrylic. Venera is  also absolutly briiliant at weaving tapestry (Gobelen)Venera teachs art at her studio.  She helps those wishing to uncover their hidden talent.  Venera states,  that we are all gifted in one way or another and all we really  need is a person to help you to transform our inner qualities and talents  and bring it out and express yourself on canvass. you must be dedicated, patient, and be a very gifted teacher to be able to accomplish this delicate feat. 
  Her work has been shown in prestigious galleries in Georgia, Russia, Belgium, France, Germany,

Israel, Mexico, United States, Canada and all over the world.