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Vitali Gambarov (Saint Petersburg, Montreal, New York) is a Russian born sculptor, painter and philosopher. Vitali Gambarov received Masters of Fine Arts from the Fine

Art and Theater School of Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. His sculptures have received numerous major awards and have become integral parts of the urban landscape

of the cities of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Montreal and Tashkent. Vitali has been inspired by the formal traditions of Russian Avant-garde, artists Malevich and Tatlin and by architecture of Kenzo Tange while developing a unique style that characterizes his current oeuvre. "Traveling across Central Asia, I took part in the excavation of ancient Hunnes burials. When archeologists brushed off the dust , the brown surface of the earth revealedramshackle remains or armor and jewelry from metal gold and leather. Time destroys everything. Everything decays. The view that appeared available to me in that moment inspired the present body of work. My actions are opposite to the process of disintegration. I collect the whole from separate pieces, using a palette of decay. I carefully prepare each elements from black metal, copper, bronze and leather to restore". 

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Vitali Gambarov