Presenting DA Designs - NEW 2018 Crystal Collection ​ @ the Vaughan Home Show in De'Corner of Improve Canada​​.
Toronto, Canada. September 22, 2018. VIDEO

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Such a wonderful New Year presentation of DA LIGHTS & SHADOWS @ IMPROVE Center
Toronto, Canada. January 04 2017
Galaxy Decor @ the national largest home improvement mall Improve Canada: many home shows, workshops & well known events. 2019-2021. Digital Display
That was an amazing meeting of DA with existing and new clients of Toronto, CanaDA. 
He presented a new DA LIGHTS & SHADOWS Crystal Collection and the redesigned house. VIDEO

Brampton, August 09 2014

Great NEWS, we are opened!
​The boutique De'Corner presents DA LIGHTS & SHADOWS @ Improve Canada

Toronto, Canada. July 29, 2017. VIDEO

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