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The Lord Shiva & Kailash mount, Bhavani Shankar Mandir & Cultural Centre, Brampton

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                                                                  interior design solutions & conCeptual deco ideas by da


One of the best project in Galaxy Decor Hindu portfolio. Bhavani Shankar Mandir is a Hindu temple that promotes community, culture and values that stem from Satya Sanatan Dharma.

Its willingness to continue learning has given the temple the ability to put youth first, inspiring future generations to upkeep our traditions, values and devotion. As always, the temple's intent

is to simply, yet significantly create a positive impact in Hindu surrounding community. 

‚Äč"This temple we beautified in just 30 days became a piece of art with Galaxy Decor exclusive textures & crystals. The dome with four Lord Shivas & Vishnu as well as the altar with a holly Mount Kailash are now great background to the sculptures of the Gods people pray to. After Hindu Sabha, Vishnu Mandir, Canadian Museum of Indian Civilization - Vishnu Mandir , Triveni Mandir, we are excited to create more Hindu decors, including home mandirs & commercial sites. At the 03.08.24 Lord Shiva event there, where Canadian television shouted a documentary about our Indian project, I said sincerely in front of thousands worshipers: "God bless India" -Alexei Dymov

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