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International Feedback - INTERIOR DESIGN


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Triveni Temple lobby was decorated by Galaxy Decor in October 2023. From the very beginning it was a conceptual project. We invited Alex Dymov, a well known wall designer, to share the ideas.
He did the presentation in August as well as when the temple was in a building stage 2 years before.  Alex was very creative and patient to get to the final stage when the walls were ready for decors. Galaxy Decor made several renderings based on our ideas of seven art panels. Three maps of India, Guyana and Canada, as well as two waterfalls and trivenies of Guyana and India, all panels were created with the Galaxy Decor exclusive technology. The final result of 3d surfaces, impressive colors and wow looking finishes including gold, silver and crystals made the Mandir's entrance a unique looking.  Besides the top expertise in arts and neutrals surfaces, Alex Dymov is a sincere patriot of India, who created the wall designs for several temples including Vishnu Mandir, Canadian Museum
of Indian Civilization and Hindu Sabha. His dream of building the "Society of Hindu Studies" would share the values of Hinduism, the world's oldest philosophy & culture with
its peaceful mentality to the rest of Canadian communities. We wish Alex Dymov and Galaxy Decor new amazing decor projects aimed to beautify North America.
-Truly, Doctor Yudhishtir, President of Brampton Triveni Mandir and Community Centre

Our family is pleased to choose Galaxy Decor with Alex Dymov for a conceptual design of our house. A well known surface designer made gorgeous wall decors
from a sketch to a final look. Besides unique custom surfaces with top finishes including silver, gold and crystals, pearls, matched with other walls and furniture,
Alex created a magnificent prayer room with religious symbols and 3d arts of the Gods we believe in. 
The artist designer is truly beautifying the top national temples, banquet halls, restaurants, stores, hotels and surely residential sites. 
With a European art & design approach and deep education of a college and university degrees, Alex simply got a mission to make North America more
stylish & elegant. We highly recommend Galaxy Decor for any projects where Beauty is essential!
-Rajesh Nachnani, RE agent, Toronto, Canada

Thank you Alex, the artwork you did in my house is absolutely amazing. My whole family loves it. You did a great job. I really appreciate all the efforts.
-Satnam Singh, Avrance Corporation, president, Toronto, Canada

Love what you are doing. Thank you!
-Timmi Jandro, Energy Muse, Founder/Global Sales, California, U.S.A.

Soooooo beautiful!
​-Natalia Kroukova, NK LAW, President, Toronto, Canada

Congratulations on opening your new show room. I wish you the absolute best of luck!                   
-Sincerely, Meghan Carter, renown American interior designer, U.S.A.

 GALAXY DÉCOR textures look lovely.  It reminds of the European homes where the walls are not drywall but plaster and the design is rolled on orthe plaster is tinted. 
​Something new for the North American market and something the Europeans can related to and make them feel like home.         
-Christine Killinger, President CEO, Skal Montréal, Montreal, Canada

​ I like what you are doing. Great concept and work.     
-Carmelo Blandino, famous Canadian artist, Florida, U.S.A.

A great place to get Swarovski on walls at affordable prices. The quality of work is outstanding as well. Alex is friendly and his product is glorious. 
-Hamid Hemati, architect, Smart Structural Solutions, Toronto, Canada

It was been a wonderful experience working with Alex. He is so friendly and sociable who has a lot of good ideas to improve the look of house.
-Parham Yazdy, 360 DigoLook, Toronto, Canada

Galaxy Decor does some truly unique and unbelievable work. Alex is a visionary and his work is second to none!
-Joseph Fava,
Toronto, Canada

Beautiful and creative interior concepts! One of the most unique designs in Improve Canada center!
-Chris, NOC Development, Toronto, Canada

Galaxy Decor's Alex Dymov takes customer service and product quality to a whole new level. A great place to get Swarovski on walls at affordable prices.
​​-Arya Fereidoni, SAP, Toronto, Canada

Great presentation! Pretty artistic!! 2 thumbs up!!!
-Alex Rakitine, RBC insurance, Toronto, Canada

Just saw you shop, it is very nice!
-Robert Antonini, Toronto, Canada

Galaxy Decor with Alex Dymov (DA) has turned our house to a one of a kind place. Their unique textured design technology created a gorgeous look in the living room. 
The Magic Rock surface design made from our plain walls room a luxury and very impressive space, we enjoy with family and friends. Last but not least, the stone imitation
as the Interior Decor market niche of Galaxy Decor is much more affordable than natural materials like marble, granite, etc.
Alex adapted our room colors to the beautiful rock like style. It's is truly a new and fast growing trend in Home Decor.   
​-Fernando, Professional Badminton Coach, Toronto, Canada​

My house in Brampton become a special place of intriguing designs. The living room with Magic Rock, the corridor with Nostalgia, and a bathroom with Sleeping Shells...
all together got an absolutely wonderful look. I would recommend Galaxy Decor to anybody who wants a uniqueness come to your place!
-Mrs. Bibi, a daycare owner, Brampton-Toronto, Canada

​DA and his team did an excellent job on my new house. They used 3 different technics and created an art work on the walls, ceilings and columns. 
Everyone that enters our new house admires the work done by Galaxy Decor     
​-Dhafir, IT Engineer, Montreal, Canada

GALAXY DÉCOR does beautiful work, and is quite meticulous, and artistic with original flair. Besides you can't meet a nicer or more honest team.  Very satisfied customer. 
-Fadia Raffi, ROYAL LePAGE, Real Estate agent, Montreal, Canada

​​I hired this company to paint my bathrooms using a special sophisticated technique "faux fini".   As seen, an artist took the creative approach to the job and even over-passed the expectations. Recommended to people searching to add a charm and a special character to the design of their home. ​He also masters other not trivial painting techniques  
​-Tatiana, Sutton, Real Estate agent, Montreal, Canada

​GALAXY DÉCOR had redesigned my house in West Island. It completely changed the look of the place. My goal was to choose the company with the best quality standards. From removing the old wall papers to bringing the modern techniques (textures, faux, etc.), it was all at the highest professional level.  ​I’ d like to ​admit exceptional customer approach of the team, desire to meet client requirement, and outstanding feeling of the customer needs in design and specially in choosing the colors. I am happy to recommend this unique Decorated Walls project to all Montréalers 
​-Margarita,  PYRAMIDA Soft, President, CEO, Kiev, Ukraine​

​...Quand on entre a l'intérieur...vous allez voir des murs magnifiques peints par des talentueux créateurs..." " will SEE beautiful wall paintings made by the best Mural company in Montreal. 
​The masters of Home décor worked in Russian State Museum of St Petersburg. Images of Jerusalem, Kiev, Sofia, St Petersburg and Moscow create a spirit of places we all came from one day  
-The Suburban, Montreal, Canada

J’ai bien aimé le travail d’GALAXY DÉCOR. C’est un companie de grand talent et d’une grande intégrité. Les prix demandés sont très raisonnables et il a un grand ​réseau
de personnes capables d’entreprendre différents projets de rénovation. Je lui souhaite une longue carrière et  tout le succès qu’il mérite  
​-Mostapha, Doctor of Mathematics, Montreal, Canada

Very interesting works of art. Great for people who don't want to look at a blank wall all day. Good for homes, offices, hotels...  
​-Pierre, A1 id Pro, Montreal, Canada​

​That's the whole difference: the man steps forward and creates Something out of nothing  
-Boris Kletinich, Singer , Montreal , Canada

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