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About DA 

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Award Prestige Toronto 2015

DA was awarded by the Mayor of Toronto John Tory and the counselor of North York James Pasternak.

Internationally: DA's shows @ Gallery VNUTRI-Europe, OUR HOME @ IMPROVE Canada, TORONTO HOME CLUB, "DA LIGHTS & SHADOWS"
@ OIKOS-Italy (St Petersburg-Europe), MAA Club (Montreal-Toronto-North America)

DA of Canada

​​​Strength of stone, more beautiful than natural stone: 100% sustainable!

La Fondation du maire de Montreal pour la jeunesse - 2002

The best business project "New Talents".

Youth Fondation of Mayor of Montreal, Ville de Hotel de Montreal, Montreal, Canada

The book Portraits & Beyond - 2002

“…I am indeed interested in your project. Please accept my cordial best greetings.”  -Ben Weider, CM, CQ, SBStJ, PhD. The International Napoleonic Society, International President. International Federation of Body Builders, President, Montreal, Canada 

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*Born in 1968 in USSR, lived in St. Petersburg before immigrating to Canada in 1998

*1985-1992 graduated from Mechanical Engineering Faculty, St. Petersburg National Mineral Resources University, The Russian Federation

*1985-1987 served the RF Navy,
submarine torpedoes department as a head of a crew, Feodosia, RF

*1999-2002 graduated from Illustration & Design Program, Dawson College, Montreal, Canada

*Found Galaxy Decor the company with unique art approach in North American interior design industry

*2002 the first published art-historical book “Great Jews & Russians. Portrait & Beyond”. The portraits on well known Russians on the ​West, style pointillism

*2002 awarded by La Fondation du maire de Montréal pour la jeunesse, the first in Russian-speaking community of Montreal 

​*2004-2007 organized and hosted the Montreal TV series "Artist Seeing Canada" with the artists from Montreal and Toronto

*From 2003 works on the second part of “Portrait & Beyond: Great Jews”

*2007 launched exclusive decor project "DA Lights & Shadows" at Galaxy Décor

*2011 works on Art Textured Line with the theme of Angels, Cosmos, Ocean, Hinduism, Judaika...

*2012 journalist at the Canadian magazines THE ISLAND, the author category "Once in Art*, and "News from DA" in the magazine ALL ABOUT HOME.

hired by one the Euro leading interior design company Deluxe Interior as an Executive Director of the St. Petersburg office

*2014, 2015. 2016 nominated in RF for the National Literature Award "Poet of the Year & "Heritage"

*2015 Toronto Prestige Award. DA was awarded by the Mayor of Toronto John Tory and the counselor of North York James Pasternak in the City Hall.

​*2015 founded the Toronto Home Club, the business forum representing the best market players in home industry

*2016 founded International Association of St-Petersburg's Friends

*2017 a host at the Toronto based radio station Megapolis with "News of Interior Design by DA"

*2017 awarded by The International Pushkinist Literature Society, 1 price, New York, U.S.A.

*2021 a host of Architecture & Design NEWS

2022 a host of TET A TET

*2002-2022 participated and organized over 50 solo and group art & interior design shows in North America and Europe

* 2022 Diploma 1 degree International Literature award "Obraz"

* 2017- successfully working on lines of sustainable surfaces, wall designs imitating stone

​*Lives and works in Toronto, Canada by the art name "DA"

The DA's art works are in private collections in Canada, U.S.A., Israel and Russia.

Deluxe Interiors - 2013

DA was invited by leading interior design company Deluxe Interiors

and hired as an Executive Director of the St. Petersburg office.

Company Profile

Galaxy Decor & DA​

Founded: 1999

Owner: Alex Dymov

Certifications: Dawson College, Montreal, Canada. Diplomas in Design & Engineering.

Areas of expertise:  Sustainable Surfaces - Interior Design - Wall Decor - Faux Fini...

Awards & Recognition

"My mother is a geologist, a father was mining engineer.

I hold PhD in Mining Engineering and College ​Diploma in Design. I came from one of the world most beautiful city          

of St. Petersburg... that is the DA Designs formula explaining 
why I can't live without Natural beauty. 

Sustainable surfaces is our main focus! To save a beauty of Nature, we invented new technology imitating look of stone.

Every time I visit new sites, my feelings are close to a doctor 
who takes a new patient. Dressing the surfaces with  eco-friendly paints, with wide variety of unique decors, is one of our goals. 
Yours truly, DA"