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We are well known for our European Quality standards. Trained at OIKOS Paints Italy,  and other industry top schools, all our painters have WHIMS, Safety Management Certificates, WSIB. 

We would like to also offer NEW design solutions, among with general renovation options. Last but not least: we provide the best market prices on materials: Sherwin-Williams, Dulux Paints,

Benjamin Moore,  and other brands of Premium Quality, Enviro Friendly paints. Our success formula in being a leading team of painters: the best quality/speed/price  + the references.

Project Cost Calculator


Cost of painting walls: Painting rates per square foot for an 8 feet wall is around $1.00 to $3.00. You can multiply this figure with

your particular case, and you will come to know the cost of painting interior walls in Toronto.

Painting doors and Trims: Cost of these depends on the property and design. Painting price per square foot for painting doors

or trims is around $1.00. However, it completely depends on the condition, type of paint, and the complexity.

Painting Ceilings: Cost of ceilings painting depends on the type. If there is flat ceiling then they are cheaper. They will usually cost around

$0.25 to $0.50 per square foot in Toronto. But if there is stucco then painting your stucco ceiling will cost double as compare to flat ceilings.

Cost of Painting New Property: If you are looking to have your newly constructed house painted in Toronto then it will cost you more, because it doesn’t have painted

areas, and because of this, it will require more paint than usual. A new property may cost you around $3 to $6 per square foot depending on the features of the

property, fancy may cost more but if it’s simple then you may get it done in cheaper prices.

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Intriguing designs, beautiful wood,  special treatment,  the best lacquer paint-stains-varnishes brands, great quality,...that is all about our Stairs projects. 

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