2021 GOLDEN SKY Collection. VIDEO


This is a new line, based on CNC machine cutting. The colors are brighter, the lines are less chaotic, the samples are still custom made. Only YOU decide their final look!

The brand NEW 2020 collection is based on 3 collors: blue, gold & metallic. Choose any of the sky rainbow tints, we ll bring it to life!

Friday April 7th, 2023, the home industry world would ll be surprised by a brand NEW surface, NEW collection, NEW experience... Black is a wow color meaning power, elegance, sophistication, status, the occult, mystery, cosmos... Event's program: Part 1. Introducing the national most impressive wall decors created with Benjamin Moore & Oikos Italy materials. Part 2. Book presentation by Emotional intelligence Expert, Author, Coach, Speaker Patricia Pollack. See you @ Improve Canada center, boutique GALAXY DECOR - OIKOS ITALY. The intriguing natural looking surfaces covered with crystals & pearls collection, as well as a meeting with a celebrity writer, will aesthetically surprise you. Wine&Cheese, gifts, networking with Architects, Designers, Builders... 

Please welcome brand NEW 2022 GALAXY DECOR collection. Based on the Benjamin Moore color of the year Very Peri, contemporary 3d patterns & our traditional top finishes including Swarovski crystals...it's ready to be popular as our previous lines! To see all Galaxy Decor's collections, lovely implemented by GTA top builders like Treasure Villas, Zeina Homes, Onica, Bucko Homes..., as well as greatly used @ the Canadian national scale museums, hоtels, restaurants, medical centers, hundreds of homes... & to book an appointment with an award winning surface designer DA @ his Improve Canada center boutique, simply call 647 5287210. Let it purply $hine @ your homes & offices accent walls!


The images bellow are our best sellers. They become alive...depending on the light source. ​It is why a window or light spots are very important for choosing the place 
for DA Lights & Shadows Designs.
Don't forget, our products & services are unique, and we are happy to create something special...no one else would have.

Collections: the samples to touch & to be touched by

                         to be touched

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Just being happy to develop a New "DA Design Accessories & Furniture" line. After a successful wall covering project, this is my next goal!
Covered with Swarovski crystals, and many other beautiful materials, this luxury collection should be a gorgeous addition to the homes & offices where Style is not only a word.
The Grand Opening of new collection @ De'Corner IMPROVE Canada happen in June 2018.

              Galaxy Decor

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2022 PURPLE SHINES Collection. VIDEO



This is our most popular line. Using multiple tricks & materials as well as my hands I'm trying to create something special. Signed at the bottom corners of your walls the samples you see become alive and could be recognized as art works. Depending on the light source it could create miracles...