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St Justine Kids Hospital, Montreal, Canada. June 2011

The visualization in this case was extremely important, since it's the worship area. Details on the completed Lord Krishna portrait in the Temple's lobby.

Very spiritual & highly prestigious project. LOT of Swarovski crystals, pearls and other gemstones as well as OIKOS Italy paint to finally get this magnificent look.

Bhavani Shankar Mandir & Cultural Centre, 90 Nexus Ave, Brampton, ON L6P 3R6​. COMPLETED
One of the most prestigious projects for Galaxy Decor

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At this trully unique building we plan to create the wall designs in the Boudha worshipping area

Galaxy Decor helps to imagine our exclusive designs on your wall. Simply contact us and we ll do the imaging visualization Free of charge.

This fee will be simply waived from the contract. To see all options of wonderful surfaces please check our portfolio Residential, Commercial and Samples

​Attention: the images below are just the Photoshop renderings, so the finals designs are real beautiful works to enjoy!

The Canadian Museum of Indian Civilization,  8640 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 6Z4, Canada. October 2018. COMPLETED
Triveni Mandir, 20 Daviselm Drive, Brampton, ON L6X 0E6. October 2023​. COMPLETED
Custom House, Pray room, Yoga founder, Sage Maharshi Patanjali Caledon. August 2023​. ​ 
The Best Design Concept. Galaxy Décor Textured Design was recognized by Architects firm MSDL as the best 5000 sq. f. solution for the development SNC-Lavalin of SJHA 
(Ste. Justine ​Hospital Atrium). As the alternative to venetian plaster with local brand BEHR and Italian OIKOS our team of experts has offered the implementation of Textured Design.
Eco sustainable OIKOS paint which is available in Europe, and we are trained for its installation would be used ​as the final finishing. The best environmentally-friendly venetian
​plaster though would be OIKOS Raffaello Décor Stuco. We recommended special ​reinforcement panels like Nostalgia with Life Warranty on all project (foto # 4). Visualisation

Grand Empire Center, 100 Nexus Ave, Brampton, ON L6P 3R6​. ​ 

The Hindu Sabha Temple. 9225 The Gore Rd., Brampton, Canada. June 2018. COMPLETED

Beauty Clinic Elysium, 1881 Steeles Avenue West Toronto, M3H 5Y4, Canada. March 2019​. COMPLETED

Second Cup Coffee Company. International Head office. 7250 Keel st. Toronto - Canada. May 2018

We created the new look of the world leading company. They plan an International office at IMPROVE Canada.

Our Exclusive Textured Design might complement the hi end style of the corporation.

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