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                         to be touched 

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Dedicated to those who love the mystical, inexplicable and shocking beauty of the place! I left that city in 1998 and since then its spirit was under my skin. 
It certainly built my character, the life orientation and most importantly the esthetic core of my mind. By doing this project I want to simply say: Please come
to visit it and you 'll enjoy the happiest moments in entire life! I did it in 2002, 2013 & 2017 and have no regrets:) That is a coming back HOME!
I believe the cosmos was always a part of this magnificent city. All I did is just put it inside of the world's architectural miracle...
Its tragedy of 1917, 1937 and 1941, its constant influence to the worlds cultures, its great names from Peter the Great to Dostoevsky,
Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, the victory of its people over the darkest times! This place deserves to be a Mecca of BEAUTY!