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International Feedback

​​“Greetings to DA - the author of the Project  Great Russians.  Portraits and Beyond. In my opinion, this distinctive book of portraits has turned out
​to be quite interesting. I wish DA new victories in his creative work, and as for his book, lots of thankful readers.” 
​-Michael Gorbachev, Former President of the Soviet Union, Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, Moscow, Russia

​“The Right Honourable Jean Chrétien…has asked to send his best wishes for a successful presentation of Great Russians. Portraits and Beyond.” 
-David Miller, Director of Operations and Senior Advisor, Office of the Prime Minister, Ottawa, Canada 
​ ​
​​“…I am indeed interested in your project. Please accept my cordial best greetings.”  
​​​-Ben Weider, CM, CQ, SBStJ, PhD. The International Napoleonic Society, International President. International Federation of Body Builders,
​President, Montreal, Canada 

​“I am very happy that a much needed and educative book about great people of Russia has been published. It will help Canadians to better know Russia and its history, which in turn will bring together the nations of Russia and Canada.” 
​-Vladislav Tretyak, three times Olympic champion, many times the world champion, one of the best hockey players of the 20th Century.
President of the Association of the Canadian-Russian Friendship, Moscow, Russia 

“We in the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Montreal, highly appreciate DA’s efforts to contribute to the development
of cultural exchanges between Russia and Canada, including his project on book publication”
-Igor Golubovskiy, Consul General of the Russian Federation,Montreal,Canada 

​“This unique book presents in both word and picture an imaginative portrayal of important Russians whom all Canadians should know much more than we do.” 
-Paul Austin, Former Chairman of Russian & Slavic Studies Department, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

“The Jewish National Fund (JNF) takes pride in acknowledging the outstanding artistic work of DA…and encourages him to continue his pursuits of his new endeavor Great Jews-Portraits and Beyond knowing this his artistic talent and technical skills will result in a first class production.”
-Joe Rabinovitch, Executive Vice-President, Jewish National Fund of Canada, Montreal, Canada 

​“DA channels his efforts, using his talents to promote worthy causes to bring peace to the world. His recent undertaking, Great Jews aroused
special interest, portraying great Jews through history such us, Moses, Einstein etc… I feel privileged to have met this talented
young artist and I hope to see him grow to great heights.” 
-Haim Sherrf, One of the Best Jewish-Canadian Artists, Montreal, Canada 

“…DA’s portraits are intriguing and reflect many aspects of each subject’s history. In addition to being a book of general interest to readers, it could also be used in schools-both Jewish and non-Jewish to initiate research and discussion. I recommend this project as one worthy of support.”
-Eva Raby, Jewish Public Library, Executive Director, Montreal, Canada 

​​“I think the project Great Jews-Portraits and Beyond is important for Jews all over the world.  I wish DA much of success in developing the project and completing it.” 
​-Sam Kliger, Director Russian Jewish Community Affairs, The American Jewish Committee, New-York, USA 

​“DA’s portraits of famous Russians, Canadians, and Jews are as he puts it “a visual language to help familiarize North American with my heritage.” DA memorializes heroic personalities, merging the lowly art of caricature with the high art of idealization. The individual physiognomy of each person-Kandinsky, Tchaikovsky, Freud, the Russian chess player-is captured in the outlines of the skull, the inner structure of the face, and the expressive hands. The attributes of these people are emphasized by the props and settings that define who they are. In this typology of famous people, creativity and intellectuality
​are often charged with a gentle humor that endears us to them.”    
-Dr. Loren Lerner, Department of Art History, Concordia University, Russian Jewish Contribution in Art, Literature and Science, Montreal, Canada 

​"Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary defines art as “the conscious use of skills and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects.” One can say that illustration, although one of many forms of art is the use of these skills and creativity to produce the artist’s impression of the reality that he observes.Sir Thomas Browne, a 17th century physician, once said, “nature is the art of God.”  An art student learns about an artist in order to understand and appreciate his art, realizing that the artist’s work is a reflection of the individual. Nature’s art, therefore, also reflects the personality of nature’s originator, Almighty God. His artwork is not purposeless or accidental.Artists, and illustrators, also have a purpose or a definite message to convey. Through DA’s illustrations, some of which are contained in this book, we recognize not only the personality of the subjects depicted, but also that of the artist himself and of his opinions on these subjects.As he himself says, these are meant to be enjoyed and to reflect on the dual nature of his culture. In this short foreword, I would also like to remind the viewer to stop and consider the message behind such endeavors, namely that for our Grand Creator, there are no borders between Russia and Canada or any other nation or culture or race. ​Truly in this day and age, this is definitely cause for reflection." 
​​-Lucy R. Trahan, Chair of Illustration & Design, Dawson College, Montreal, Canada

​“Portraits and Beyond is, in a way, an artistic encyclopedia, a collection of the biographies of the greatest people. The books are based ​on symbolic portraits by
DA and are accompanied by simple text, which animates and humanizes it.” 
-Russian Humanitarian House, Montreal, Canada   
I call my stile Symbolic Portraiture... My intention in portraiture is demonstration art as a tool for providing a more in-depth comprehension of my perspective of these people. In my illustrations, 
​I attempt to balance my respect with the humor that I perceive ​exists with each subject and situation. ​I want serious portraits surrounded by life's whimsical antics. The Russian, North American, Jewish celebrities as I see them... It is made in the ​style called Pointillism, means there are no lines, just points...hundreds thousands of points. That is my Point of View:) -DA


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